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The Silent Killer = Carbon Mononxide and Pool Heaters

Updated: Mar 20

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

An colorless, orderless, and tasteless gas that's produced when fuels such as gas , oils, and wood are burned

Highly toxic and life threatening when inhaled in high concentrations.

Carbon monoxide alarms are uses to detect the presence or carbon monoxide (CO) gas in indoor spaces. Provides an audible alarm if it reaches dangerous levels. Use includes but not limited to Homes, Apartments, Swimming Pool heaters adjacent to property, and other enclosed sites that use fuel-burning appliances -gas furnaces, water heaters, swimming pool heater, stoves, fire places, and generators

Symptoms : flu like symptoms, headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fatigue- prolonged exposure or high concentrations of CO can lead to loss of consciousness, brain damage and, or death

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