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Phosphates in your swimming pool

Updated: Mar 20

Phosphates are compounds that contain phosphorus a nutrient for plant growth. It enters into pool water in several ways:

Fertilizer -yard grooming-(Heavy) golf courses - plants - plant spray - pool chemicals - any outside source treated with fertilizer or contains phosphates that has the potential to blow from wind or flow from water into the pool - Rain water- Hill areas- Etc

Effects- Promotes algae growth - cloudy water - reduced sanitizer effectiveness - also contributes to scaling and staining of pool surface and equipment

Phosphate levels test should be at 0 ppb. Levels up to 200 ppb are manageable.

levels above 200 ppb will need to be treated and tested regularly.

Management Includes: Regular chemical and phosphate testing ( Chemical Balance)-Shock pool regularly - regular cleaning and maintenance - use of phosphate remover and algaecide - limit fertilizer with phosphorus in areas near the pool and monitor rain water runoffs around pools

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