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Green Yellow Mustard Algae

Updated: Mar 20

Mustard algae typically thrives in warm water, but cooler water pools with very low to no chlorine invites this type algae.

Other factors include but not limited too:

Inadequate pool maintenance such as pool (POOR/NO) water circulation

not brushing regularly

not chemically balanced

not periodic shocking

heavy swim loads


Inadequate filter cleaning

pool run time not long enough

dirt areas around pool

dirt blowing (monsoons)

foliage from trees and bush

out of range Ph/Alkalinity

high phosphate levels

high calcium levels

high stabilizer levels

damaged surface area


rebar stains


To help prevent the growth of mustard algae in your pool

Maintain proper chemical levels

shock pool regularly

Brush pool minimum once per week preferrable with a combination brush that contains both nylon and wire bristles on PLASTER AND PEBBLE TECH SURFACE ONLY

use nylon brush on vinyl and fiberglass surface (lightly brush)

backwash and clean filters regularly as recommended

wash and clean pool toys regularly

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