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Black Algae the Nuisance in Swimming Pools

Its essential to understand the potential causes so that you can prevent and lower the occurrence. A few causes:

1) Poor water circulation: Not running the equipment long enough, Dirty Filters, Cloggs in system- air leaks etc +

2) Low Chlorine Levels: Lower then recommended range

3) Poor Pool Maintenance: lack of brushing walls, steps, and removing organic debris

4) Infected Pool Equipment: Pool brushes, nets, vacuums, and cleaners

5) High PH and Alkalinity Levels: under and over levels create an environment for breeding

6) Warm Water: Environment for breeding and growth

7)Poor Water Quality: HIgh levels of organic matter or metals provide an better environment for algae growth

8)Lack of Algaecide Use: Used to prevent and treat algae growth

9)Contaminated Pool Accessories: Swim toys, Floatation devices, Swimming Suites may carry spores

10) Not Shocking the Pool Regularly: Shocking pool helps kill the spores and prevent algae growth

11) Poor Pool Surfaces: Cracks, Chips, Deteriorating Pool Surface creates tiny crevices were black algae takes hold and grows

12) Pools Near Farm Land, Golf Courses, Mountains/Hills,Dirt yards, Over hanging Tree, Shedding Trees,Dogs loads, horses, Etc will need more attention to combat the Black Algae

To prevent Black Algae it is very important to maintain proper water chemistry, clean pool regularly,

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